Frequently Asked Questions

Where in Nashville is Kingswood located?

Kingswood Productions is located south of the Broadway strip, nestled just outside the Gulch, with convenient access to I-65 and I-40. Our free parking lot and loading dock is on the backside of the building, accessible via Hawkins Street.

Is Kingswood available on the weekends?

Yes! The Kingswood studios are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I'd like to see the space before booking. Can I schedule a studio tour?

Of course! Call Debbie Wamsley at (615) 429-4433 to schedule a free tour of our studio and spaces.

Will a staff person be there during my booking?

Yes, one of our studio managers will be available on-site during your booking.

Are additional rooms in the building also available to rent?

Our studio resides in a fully-functional office building, complete with meeting spaces and desk cubicles. The office space can be available to rent outside of typical business hours. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Can Kingswood help with pre-production? How about with post?

Our in-house crew is experienced in every aspect of production from pre to post, and our facility provides a one-stop shop for accomplishing it all. Whether you are writing a promo, editing a feature, or just need a set of fresh eyes to weigh in on a design decision, we can help!

What's the difference between Studio A and Studio B?

Studio A is our video production studio and soundstage. Studio B is our audio recording studio and control room.

Do I have to bring my own equipment? What about sets and props?

All of our AV gear, lighting equipment, and sets/props are available to rent. Call us for a rundown of our in-house gear and quotes. Looking for something we don’t have? We know all the locals and are happy to help find it for you.

Do I need to bring my own crew?

In addition to studio space and equipment, we also have a talented production team eager to work with you. We have in-house producers, writers, engineers, editors, script supervisors, grips, and camera operators, plus an extended list of industry-trusted personnel to call upon for specialized skills and large-scale productions. Let us know if you need assistance in coordinating your crew.